Same Old Game!.............
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Merchants of War
Research Background
Barings & William Bingham
The Blue Spitfire........
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Winterbotham and Cotton
Ginetta Stories............
Ginetta's racing revival
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Other Work
Other Activities

I have devoted this page to some of the other published work that I have done recently and also included some topics that are researched and awaiting completion and/or a publisher. Any input to these would be most welcome!


These articles are available to buy or download via Motor Boats Monthly at www.motorboatsmonthly.co.uk

Owner report on the Dell Quay 650 Explorer for Motor Boats Monthly - "Quay Decision " - October 2003

Destination guide on Salcombe "Devon Cream" for Motor Boats Monthly - May 2004

Owners report on the Jeanneau Prestige 36,"Love at First Sight" for Motor Boats Monthly- May 2004

Technical report covering the re-engine of a Shetland cruiser with Volvo's latest marine diesel "Young at Heart" for Motor Boats Monthly - October 2004


I am hoping to get around to the following projects - any input or observations that might get me started would be most welcome!

Reliant Motors - "the last hoorah for the plucky Robin"

Ginetta Cars History, perhaps titled - "Ginetta Cars - the Wilderness Years 1992 - 2005!"

"The Oldsmobile Rocket 44 Project" - Ginetta's attempt to to save Oldsmobile

Biography of Major William Jackson - "The Life and Times of Major William Jackson"

Biography of Charles Henry Sanford - "Barings Bank and the Snake Oil Salesman"

More Ginetta stories!

A short history of the development of British aerial photographic intelligence before and during World War 2, "The Blue Spitfire".

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